[[t]ˈkwækˌsæl vər[/t]] n.
a quack; charlatan
Etymology: 1570–80; < early D (now kwakzalver); see quack I, salve I, -er I

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  • Quacksalver — Quack sal*ver, n. [D. kwakzalver; cf. kwakzalven to quack or boast of one s salves. See {Quack}, {Salve}, n.] One who boasts of his skill in medicines and salves, or of the efficacy of his prescriptions; a charlatan; a quack; a mountebank. [Obs.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • quacksalver — [kwak′sal΄vər] n. [MDu (> Du kwaksalver) < quacken, to quack, brag, boast + zalf, salve, akin to Ger salbe,SALVE1] Now Rare a quack; charlatan …   English World dictionary

  • quacksalver — ˈkwakˌsalvə(r) noun ( s) Etymology: obsolete Dutch quacksalver (now kwakzalver), from Middle Dutch quacsalver, perhaps alteration (influenced by Middle Dutch quacken, quaken to quack, croak of imitative origin & salven to apply salve to, anoint)… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • quacksalver — noun One falsely claiming to possess medical or other skills, especially one who dispenses potions, ointments, etc. supposedly having curative powers. Your Grace does not mean Dr. Wilderheads powder of projection? Syn: quack …   Wiktionary

  • quacksalver — quack·sal·ver (kwak salґvər) [Dutch “salve peddler”] one claiming special merit for treatment with medications and salves …   Medical dictionary

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  • quacksalver — /ˈkwæksælvə/ (say kwaksalvuh) noun 1. a quack in medicine. 2. Obsolete a charlatan. {early modern Dutch (literally salve hawker) …  

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